Friday, 12 August 2011

Masters Show

With the Masters show just over 2 weeks away, I have been working on the additional material which will support the main feature "Growth".

I have completed work on the 'making of' film and the stereoscopic material (my key objectives). I have also finished a short video which showcases some of the other cell visualisation material that did not make it into Growth.

In addition to this, I have also created a short video which will showcase additional work that I have completed (such as working with Maya fluids, RealFlow liquids, and other student projects that I have contributed to).

Run-times for the various elements are as below;

  • Growth (3:56)
  • Growth Making Of (4:54)
  • Stereoscopic Showcase (2:34)
  • Cell Visualisation Showcase (2:18)
  • Masters Showcase (~2:00 - still to be finalised)

In addition to this a poster has been created, business cards have been ordered and 3d glasses are on their way!

Everything seems to be in place... next week we start building the show, so hopefully this will go relatively smoothly. It will also help me decide if there is anything else I need to prepare in advance!

For more information on the Masters show, and the students exhibiting, visit the website here.

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