Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Alternative Styles (2)

Continuing with my development of the visuals that will be used as part of my cell visualisation work, I created another example of how the cell growth could look.

This time, however, the example is intended to be used solely as a still image - a large, high-resolution print. By removing the animation, it creates an entirely different outcome, and allows me to present my work using different techniques and media.

This particular approach also continued the idea of negative space, with the actual cells not being the main focus (as first mentioned here).

The image was created primarily using a matte pass out of Maya (to create an outline/silhouette version of the cells). The 'eclipse' effect was added using both inner and outer glow in Photoshop, with a second silhouette on top, and then using a black-to-white gradient mask to make the eclipse stronger on one side.

A lens flare was added (for dramatic effect) and all layers were merged and desaturated. To break up the 'perfect-ness', a filter-generated cloud texture was added on top of everything (using Overlay as a blending mode), and then colour was added using a filled Colour layer.

Finally, my "xray" pass out of Maya was added on top (very faintly) to bring out some detail of the cell surface. The final result can be seen below;


Although this version has been created using 1920 x 1080 as a resolution, my aim would be to create a significantly higher resolution version for print (if I choose to go down this route). However, I have had problems opening large images rendered out of Maya - previously, I had a 12000 x 8000 pixel version, but Photoshop could not open this file. I currently have a TIFF render image which is 6000 x 4000 pixels, which I plan to start working with soon.

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