Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Over the last two weeks, I have been developing the concept for the final outcome of my Masters project. This will take the form of a short video (approximately 3-4 minutes in length) and is intended to showcase some of the cell visualisation work I have completed. In addition to this, I plan on creating a second video which will be a technical showcase of my skills and abilities and also contextualise the work I have completed.

Although I don't want to give away too much, the main piece will be split into two halves, titled Growth. My title concept can be seen below;


As a sneak preview, the video below shows one of the shots I am currently working on in After Effects. Using the VERL render farm, I have already generated most of the content I plan on using (in 1920x1080 lossless TIFF format) which gives me a great deal of flexibility. The original shot did not feature any depth of field and looked flat and uninteresting, whereas this updated version has much more style and visual interest;

So far, I haven't decided if I will include the dust motes/particles idea which I previously worked on. Although I have considered this option, I don't have any sequence renders which I can use, so I took a still frame and applied the effect, as a test. This frame test can be seen below;


Moving forwards, I will continue developing the look and feel of these shots. I am also currently looking at using music to add impact to these shots, but this is an ongoing project and I plan on trying to finish work on the visuals first, so that I can get a good 'feel' for the experience I want to create.

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